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Subie Gal Gallery

2002 Subaru WRX Wagon - Build Photos
Subie Gal's Race Car
This car has served as Jamie's rally car since the year 2003. Action photos of Burnsie can be found in the Rally Gallery

2001 Subaru 2.5 RS
Subie Gal's Daily Driver.
This Impreza has modifications, and loads of them.
The car is well on it's way to becoming a version of an Impreza STi of the same model year.

1999 Subaru Legacy GT
Subie Gal's first Subaru!
...her pride and Joy. This car unfortunately was destroyed in an auto accident in early 2001.
Jamie loved this car and keeps the page as a reminder of how fantastic and fun it really was.

Jamie's Gallery
Yes... random photos of Subie Gal

Rally Gallery
Catch Jamie and Burnsie in action inside!

Event Gallery
Subaru or Racing events, photos and more!

Richard Burns Gallery
Jamie Remembers her hero, rally driver Richard Burns

Mark and Roger
Remembering Mark Lovell and Roger Freeman