2006 Oregon Trail Rally

Oregon Trail Rally - is by far Jamie's favorite event of the year.
Furiously twisty roads with loads of loose gavel, NOW THAT is what Rally is about!
The team started off very well winning their PGT car class in Friday Night's show at the Portland International Raceway. Saturday's run for the region car class and Overall win was looking to be the teams best effort ever!  Five Special stages in and Jamie and Matt lead the entire regional rally overall by 30 seconds - a huge lead! The team was REALLY enjoying the roads when disaster struck. The Subaru WRX's transmission, after 4 solid years and 1000's of rally stage miles, had finally had enough. One small tooth broke off of the main shaft, lodging itself into 2nd gear, essentially locking out 1st and 2nd gear. The team was done and had to settle for a Did Not Finish.
This is a HUGE blow to the team as they put every effort into getting to this event and doing well. But... this is racing. These things can and do happen, no matter how frustrating they are. The team has many races left his season, and with a fresh gearbox, should be solid and unstoppable if they press on they way they were at this event!!
Enjoy the photos below graciously donated by the listed photographers below

Jamie's Photos of Burnsie

at a stage start

in service Oregon has some of the most scenic roads!

Photos from Doug Berger: DigitalRallyPhotos

at Portland Intl Raceway attacking the stages


Photos from Todd Entrikin


at Portland Intl Raceway  

Friday night stages @ the Raceway....
Photos submitted by spectators


Photo: Aaron Kathman Photo from crew member Adam Matt Popoff photo: Airpopoff.com

Jamie's Photos of other competitors, etc.







Gary Cavett's 2.0L Subaru   Paul Eklund's battle scars...  







Lined up for stage start at Parc Expose Team Subaru... looking good! Subaru show? or Rally event!

Gubelmann's STi ouch! WRX rollover...

1 tough car! custom headlight erm... ow.