Primitive Racing Driving School

03/2008- Hillsboro, Oregon


Open to all licensed drivers, at all levels of rally and driving experience, with emphasis on beginner to intermediate levels, this is a great school in which to learn to toss your car sideways, safely!  I've been an instructor for this school for a few years now and really enjoy seeing the rally light come on for each student in attendance!


The Primitive rally school includes three days of instruction starting with 5-6 hours of classroom training, a TSD (Time/Speed/Distance), and driving exercises on Saturday with a full RallyCross competition on Sunday.  All driving in a large, open field - quite safe for "daily driven" vehicles. Bring your own vehicle or rent a fully prepared rally car!


For more information  see: Primitive Performance Driving Rally School 

Enjoy the Photos!

Photo credit: Jamie Thomas  -


Photos from the school

Owner Operator Paul Eklund gives direction    

Mud slinging action!