The 2005 Subaru Legacy, Legacy Outback and Legacy GT

 Ride and Drive!!

5/17/04 - Las Vegas Motor Speedway

I was invited to participate in the Launch and ride and drive of the new 2005 Subaru Legacy, GT & Outbacks.This was an absolute scream! Event was held in Las Vegas of all places, and I received the opportunity to thrash a few of these cars at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway....

all I can honestly say is... WOW.... The GT is just an amazing car!!!

Subaru has really outdone themselves with this one!!!

Enjoy the photos and EMAIL ME with questions..


2005 Subaru Legacy GT Turbo :o}!

05 Legacy GT Drive

First we got to thrash the GT's round a road course

Every one of us drove, seated next to an instructor.... most of whom were from the UK and abroad

All of the GT's I drove, even the wagons - handled very very neutrally. Great feeling car

LED flasher built in

Another of the events, was a ride-along around the oval track (nascar)

We rode with the instructors... speeds ave 120mph

GT line up...

this was fun but a bit hairy for me as i'm used to being in charge ;o)


2005 Subaru Legacy Outback!

Outback street drive... we drove the Outback a few miles on tarmac, with a short jaunt off road

there were about 18 cars... :)

Handled nicely, esp at higher speeds off road ;)

suspension and ground clearance did their job. i was impressed.

Outback XT (2.5L)

This one has all the accessories...

Roof racks, bike rack, trailer hitch tons more...

Tonneau cover and dog guard can now be used at the same time!!! yay!!! finally eh? :)

Outback XT Gauges

side shot

Interior, much improved in my opinion!


2005 Subaru Legacy Accessories, Body, Cutaway...

AWD enhancement notes

An Outback Cutaway vehicle... very very cool!

gave us an up close and good idea how everthing fit/functioned

Body improvement notes

Steering improvements

Engine cutaways....

Engine enhancement notes

Tranny discussion/presentation

5speed notes

Tranny notes

Flywheel cutaway

Brake presentation/discussion

Brake improvements/notes

Shell... showing improved reinforcements!

Nice door reinforcements! :)


Vegas Shots, the Subaru Gang... random fun

Bellagio.... (we stayed here.. nice place!!)

Bellagio before water show...

Paris - w/Eiffel tower replica

Stratosphere... i just had to ride Big Shot (where they shoot you up the top of the "needle" bit ... fun fun fun fun!!!! :)

race slicks @ the speedway

some shots of us all goofing around and enjoying the new Legacy!!

dinner... it's always a laugh when we all get together


goofball... :D

speedway & Legacy in background

woohooo let's go racing... erm.. i mean... ;o}



"hmmm I may have to buy one of these afterall..."









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